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I’m considering a FULL-ON digital world break

1. Log out/deactivate all social media (already deactivated fb)
2. Uninstall all social media apps on cell phone.
3. Keep Spotify on the phone. I needs music. (But my data plan SUFFERS)
4. Keep email. I guess…

I’ve read that some people ditch the cell phone for a while. I’m not sure about that one. I don’t receive all that many calls or messages honestly.

Bigger question is, what will it do for me?

More productive? Not sure.

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Gibson to Increase Prices, Update Models for 2015 | Blog

I”ve paid 3k for a guitar before. Never again.

Mine is nice, but realistically… I can’t part with 3k that easily anymore.

I can put one together for 1000 that will kick ass.