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Lorne Malvo

1.03 - A Muddy Road

He had the best lines.

I just watched Oprah’s Master Class with Billy Bob.Β  What a fascinating person he is.

BBT is a little tempermental.

He was doing press for his band’s new record and requested the radio guy not make ANY mention of his acting career.

Of course the host asked about his acting. LoL.

It went pretty south after that!

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1999 and The SNL marathon on TVland

1999. Sting on SNL.

He had hair! Probably his last album I liked. ‘Mercury Falling’ wasn’t bad.

Around this time, I had been renting a house. On my own for a year or two. Barely scraping by each month. Limping along college courses.

What a dumb decision it was to move out. How on earth did I make it for so long. Sheesh. I was getting help with some things, I know that. Car insurance. My mom paid it. I had no credit cards. Or not many . No cell phone bill. Dial up was $20 a month. Had a ‘Gateway 2000’ desktop. LOL.

That year, I bought a van halen belt buckle on ebay. I still have it.

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Jake Steel Marionette Cop

This was my favorite bit from ‘The Ben Stiller Show’.

I was about 14 when this showed aired. I can still remember sitting in my room, watching this on our small TV stand with the tiny TV with the two huge dials.Β 

The show was on Sundays. Fox had a HUGE Sunday at one time. The Lineup was something like: The Simpsons at 7pm, Then Married with Children, Ben Stiller Show, Living Color, The X Files….

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1992 Bob Odenkirk, Andy Dick, and Janeane Garofalo on The Ben Stiller Show.


We still quote this bit.

A favorite is:Β 
"Where’s the fire?"