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Some days this website makes me question if women understand how the male penis works and the difference between flaccid and hard, and fluffing and stuffing.

But then I remember the 40-year old virgin and think of bags of sand and it all makes sense.

I remember sitting in the lunchroom in junior high, with a group of guys & girls and one of the girls says, 

So, is it like hard… all the time?”

Someone replied:

"Why do you think we walk around with all these books at our waist all the time?"

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I like how I always have English professors who feel the need to point out at some point that Jim Morrison wasn’t a “real” poet. Wow, thanks for the tip, I was actually gonna do an essay on “The Crystal Ship” but now I’m not, thanks for letting me know that totally unobvious fact.

How many professors got their picture on a T shirt? ;p

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Mr. and Mrs. HighAndMighty

I think what bothers me, is that some people think they’re King-shit-of-fuck-mountain.

Or they haven’t lived long enough to REALLY know themselves.

1. Everybody has a price. I think it was Ted Dibiase, aka The MIllion Dollar Man who said this. And he’s right. Given enough money or something else… you’d be surprised what you would do. So, spare me the ‘I have standards’ line. Everyone has a price. 

2. Don’t judge folks who do things that you would never do. You don’t know these people. You have no concept of their lives. They pay for sex? So what? These people aren’t beneath you. They’re just NOT YOU. 

What matters is how you treat other people and what YOU do.